We understand that our country has a financial situation and if that isn’t enough we are beginning to see our energy bills sore and I don’t know if this is the same for you but I am constantly seeking ways to reduce my energy bills and make some savings where possible.

We always seem to overlook the simple ways of reducing energy and so I hope to point out 8 simple ways for you to reduce your energy bills.

1 – A really simple way to reduce energy bills which tends to be overlooked but is proven to reduce the amount of energy bills is light bulbs – As I said it’s a simple step but by adding energy efficient light bulbs throughout your home you are guaranteed to save, although this may not have a dramatic effect it puts you one step closer to saving on your energy bills.

A possible saving of £60 for the lifetime of an energy efficient light bulb

2 – Insulating your home is an essential way to save energy; you should ensure you have the right amount of insulation throughout your home, including your loft area. With the right insulation and right amount you will see great reductions and could see huge annual savings.

Loft insulation could cut your bills by around £140 and cavity wall insulation could save you £110 a year

3 – Double Glazing – If your home doesn’t already have double glazing then it’s certainly a viable option and will most definitely put you on the right path to energy bill reduction. An initial cost may be daunting but the long term benefit certainly outweighs the disadvantage of any upfront costs.

Double Glazing could see an annual save of around £200

4 – Turn it OFF! That’s right, turning off appliances and lights when not used is a great way of saving energy and it doesn’t really take much to simply turn you’re appliances off.

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Save yourself around £30-£40 per year by switching OFF you electrical appliances.

5 – You may of thought that a renewable energy installation would have been at the top of my list but I always advise starting small, use simple ways to reduce you energy like the solutions listed above then when you have the basic fundamentals of energy reduction covered, its time to move on to a renewable energy reduction, whether it be a Solar PV installation, Solar Thermal or Heat Pump installation.

A renewable energy installations has great potential for energy bill reduction and a great way to make tax FREE money!

6 – Turn down your thermostat! Turning down you thermostat is an essential way to reduce your energy bills.

Turn your thermostat down by just 1 degree and see an annual saving of £55

7 – Look after your boiler – Treat your boiler to a service and ensure it is operating the way it should be. If you don’t already have a central heating system then this is certainly something you should be looking in to.

8 – Buy energy efficient appliances, using energy efficient appliances is an obvious way to reduce those bills and will certainly help you reduce those dreaded energy bills.

A final note: By carrying out the simple tasks I have discussed you could make a saving of around £680 and that is excluding the money you could save/ make from a renewable energy installation.


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