My concern about the environment has forced me to become aware of the products used around me. One area that I decided to focus on was my home and simple changes that I could make to live green and help the world for future generations.

Green products and materials

Luckily for me, around the same time that I decided to focus on these issues, interior designers began looking for ways to market green products. I love my bamboo floors and chose them for their environmentally friendly luxury. Unwanted carpet is a major item dumped into landfills and the amount that ends up there is horrendous.

I prefer carpet in my bedrooms and was fortunate that DuPont had created a line of carpeting that is made out of corn-based polymers, which is a renewable source. I ordered it and have been happy with the softness it provides for my family and you’d never know that it was a green product.

It’s every bit as comfortable as our regular carpet used to be and with the stain-resistant fibers I don’t have to worry about my kids spilling on it. So far, my carpet has been durable and I found out recently that manufacturing it took 30% less energy and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 60% during production. With this new information I was able to appreciate it all over again.

Eco-friendly solutions

When I remodeled my home to be green I researched paint and discovered that eco-friendly paints are for sale. They have lower levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, which are chemicals that are expelled into the air. It was pleasant to paint with a mixture that had no smell and we were able to move our furniture right back into the house after it had dried. This saved me a lot of time and we were only out of our home for a few days. It’s a relief to know that the paint on my walls isn’t contributing to air quality issues within my house.

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Modern lightning

Lighting is an area that I struggle with the most because I have never liked the glow that comes from energy efficient light bulbs. I forced myself to change them anyway because it seemed rather silly to make all of the other changes I had committed to and not change the least expensive item on my list. A few years ago, Congress focused on lighting and passed an energy act that will force manufacturers to sell light bulbs that use 25% less electricity for the total light emitted.

In 2012 changes will be happening with light bulbs and several companies have created lights that offer consumers like me 75% greater efficiency. I intend to purchase those to save the highest amount of energy possible. The bulbs cost more and when they need to be replaced I have to make sure my family places them in the recycling bin instead of just throwing them away. However, the energy savings should make up for the additional costs and I like knowing that I’m doing what I can to help the environment.

It was exciting for me to discover that I could keep my favorite style and still be considerate towards the environment. I love a clean traditional style and was thrilled that adding natural stone granite countertops to my kitchen and bathrooms was an eco-friendly way to update my home. I also stripped the front of my kitchen cabinets and stained them a lighter shade to update them.

Start Small

A few simple fixes can make a home eco-friendly and by updating my home I’m teaching my children how to be responsible toward our future.

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