The usual renewable energy incentives that our government provide as a incentive to switch to a greener way of living include the Feed-in-Tariff and the renewable heating incentive. Although there is a lot of controversy around those incentives at the moment theres one that has become the talking point of the renewable energy industry.

The Green Deal

The Green Deal is expected to be active from October 2012 and will enable any home or business property to  carry out a full energy efficiency refurbishment, a refurbishment that is funded by a 25 year loan provide by the government.

How does it work?

Firstly your property will be assessed by a Green Deal assessor who will provide a detailed report, detailing the technologies that may be added or updated as part of the Green Deal.

After the assessment has been completed the work will be passed to a Green Deal Provider who will arrange the installation and provide you with the loan to do so, if you wish to browse other companies for a competitive quote you may do so.

The cost of repayments to your loan will not exceed the “deemed savings on your energy bills”. The idea behind the Green Deal is that you will always save more than you pay!

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Why is the green deal being introduced?

The Green Deal enables all properties to undergo an efficiency refurbishment, this may be a Solar Panel installation, Heat Pump installation or anything that may increase the efficiency of the property and decrease emissions.

Is this for you?

The Green Deal is for everyone, that is the great thing about it. If you have been thinking of having a Solar System installed or improving the efficiency of your house but found you cant afford it then this deal is perfect for you.

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You can use the Green Deal to pay for those installations and implementation of any other technologies, (If your property is eligible for those installations).

The loan will be against the property and not the owner, therefore selling your property in the future would mean the new occupier would take up the payments of the Green Deal loan.

To Summarise: “Designed to meet the upfront cost of making your home more energy efficient. Due to be launched in late 2012, the Green Deal will allow you to install energy-efficiency measures and pay for the improvements with the savings on your fuel bill.” A Statement made by the Energy Saving Trust.

What do you think of the Green Deal? Would this enable you to have that Solar Panel system installed?

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