BP has announced plans to build a green hydrogen plant in the North East of England (based on renewable energy sources). The new 60 MW power capacity of the HyGreen Teesside project will be built by 2025 next to the H2Teesside blue hydrogen project (based on natural gas). According to the company’s plans, these two projects will account for about 30% of hydrogen production in the UK by 2030. The final investment decision on the HyGreen Teesside project is expected in 2023.

The green hydrogen of the HyGreen Teesside project will be used for refueling large-capacity vehicles. At the end of October, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with Daimler Truck to jointly develop a network of hydrogen filling stations in the UK. The 60 MW created at the first stage of the project are designed to refuel about 1,300 large trucks, which are currently running on diesel fuel.

In addition to hydrogen projects, BP’s UK new energy portfolio includes 3 GW of offshore wind power in the Irish Sea, as well as the creation of 16,000 charging points for electric transport by 2030. The company plans to increase renewable energy capacity to 50 by 2030 GW worldwide.

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