The past years have become one of the warmest on record and marked the end of the warmest decade (2010–2019) on record. Large-scale human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels, have accumulated enough carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere to trap excess heat and affect the global climate. Record temperatures, unprecedented sea-level rise, and frequent extreme weather events paint a picture of an extremely dangerous future for the planet and its human population.

Climate change problem

The giant companies of the manufacturing industry are making a great contribution to the climate change of our planet. According to recent studies, about a third of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are directly related to the 250 largest companies in the energy, transport, mining, and consumer goods industries. Limited resources and growing consumer appetites are forcing modern brands to enter the manufacturing race, sacrificing the integrity of the world around them and creating temperature anomalies.

Such activities of the modern industry elite have a direct impact on industry standards, regulations, and even consumer attitudes towards climate change. However, not all companies are equally indifferent to this global issue. Increasingly, the question of creating an international reporting standard is being raised to assess the progress of companies in achieving science-based targets that contribute to air emissions. The main goal for many enterprises is to use new technologies and expand analytical capabilities so that long-term climate forecasting is based on effective and reliable analysis.

Control of emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

Responsible businesses are systematically introducing modern ways to reduce emissions of hazardous compounds in the process of manufacturing consumer goods.

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General principles for reducing pollutant emissions include:

  • waste management at all stages of production
  • creation and implementation of low-waste and non-waste technologies;
  • development and use of new, more efficient methods of dust and gas cleaning;
  • search and use of fuel and raw materials with a lower content of harmful impurities;
  • enrichment and other types of preliminary preparation of the raw materials used;
  • improvement of automobile engines and fuel for them;
  • development of traffic patterns for vehicles.

In addition, it is necessary to reduce to minimum fugitive emissions, to strengthen control over the observance of technological regulations for the work of both production and treatment facilities.

Introduction of alternative energy sources

The use of efficient and environmentally friendly energy sources is becoming one of the main challenges for modern industrial enterprises today. For this purpose, innovative solutions and technologies are offered. In conditions of normal meteorological parameters, work to reduce emissions must be carried out constantly in accordance with the plans developed at each enterprise.

Improvement of energy storage systems

One of the weak points of renewable energy sources is their inconsistency. Solar panels are useless at night and in cloudy weather, and windmills – in calm weather. One of the solutions that are being implemented is a hybrid system that allows you to level the ups and downs of energy received at the output from wind turbines and solar panels, and to ensure greater overall reliability.

Traditional energy and mining companies are also starting to embrace AI. For example, the use of robots can reduce the time and labor required to generate energy without compromising or even improving the quality of the process based on product consumption.

With global climate change, renewables are becoming ever more popular, and many utilities are looking to equate their cost with electricity from the grid produced by conventional power plants.

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