These times are quite stressful if you have any savings left. Their value decreases constantly. So no doubt that plenty of people wants to protect their money and invest in something. And here comes a question, “In what should I invest?”. In shares, gold, cryptocurrencies? How to buy shares properly? If you want to learn a bit about this thing, read this article! 

How to invest wisely? 

Investing is a very tricky thing. You may put all your money and lose it, while another person may get twice as much. But this is only when you do not know why you are paying for something. To become an intelligent investor, you have to learn a lot before you will beat the market. So, the very first principle of buying shares properly is analysing them and choosing wisely. If you are patient enough, you can read some books about investing, such as “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. 

What are shares? 

Shares are – simply put – units of ownership of a green company. So, by buying them you become a partial owner of them. However, only to some extent. In many cases, you will not get any privileges from it, which means you will not be able to change the policies of this company or take an active part in the management process. To do it, you have to own a major percentage of its stocks. However, our goal is to save and make money, so we will not need it. 

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How to buy shares properly? 

Buying shares has become really straightforward. You can do it from home within a matter of seconds. Sometimes you just have to create an account in a trading app and you are ready to buy stocks. But still, you have to be aware of some things as it goes about your money. 

To buy shares properly you will need to: 

  • choose your investment strategy 
  • open a trading account (less commission – more money for you) 
  • research shares you find interesting 
  • choose stocks you want to buy and pay for them. 

Once you finish it, you should find those shares in your portfolio. That means you are the partial owner of one or more companies, depending on your portfolio. And that means that your result depends on their condition. If they grow, you gain. The other way round, you lose. 


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