Study the activities of the company. Don’t believe the description alone, and don’t even believe the convincing speeches of the guest stars. Make sure that the company’s activity is real and if possible test it on yourself (it can be a product or service). If there is construction going on somewhere, such as a factory, go to the address and see it live. Or at least find relevant video reports on the Internet.

Personally, I invest in real companies and developments to increase the reliability of my investments. At the moment I use trading robot for earning at Forex market. The main advantage of such earnings is that you yourself control your account on the broker’s website. And the trading robot on the set algorithms opens and closes transactions, bringing profit.

Characteristics of the project


  • Work Proven – company operations or development work (e.g., a sales robot) is proven by video reports, personal trips to production sites, etc.
  • Open management – management shows their faces.
  • Seniority – experience of more than 1 year.


  • High rate of return – from 1% per day (or from 365% per annum). Perhaps no investment company earns more than 1% a day.
  • If we talk about trading, it is very rare, but it happens that a trader can earn more than 1% per day, but most often professional traders earn on average from 0.01% to 1% per day.
  • In real business more than 1% a day is a very high yield, so most likely this company is a financial pyramid.
  • A lot of beautiful words about the financial success – a situation where the project almost in every sentence says about the financial success that awaits their investors. And about the “real activity of the project” is found out at the end of the page or after the registration, and, as a rule, it turns out that it is a project of the tables type: pay for the entrance and bring people to win back their money for the entrance and get affiliate commissions.
  • Aggressive advertising – company advertising, where directly or indirectly encouraging people to sell their property (apartments, cars) in order to invest in their company, earn money during or at the end of the deposit period, and then buy a better property. Prominent examples of such companies: MMM, Cashbery.
  • Superfluous / inappropriate design details on the site – such as ticker tape exchange rates or inappropriate and aggressive pictures of money, gold, expensive cars, luxury items, etc.
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The activities of the company, project or development

Companies to which I have a positive attitude:

  • A real company – a company engaged in real activities.
  • Development – a real development (e.g., a trading robot in the financial market)
  • Trust management (TAM) – the real management of your money for the purpose of earning (you can check whether the Company is really trading on the page Use of the terminal to analyze trading operations). The team keeps a part of the profit as a reward.

Companies that I do not like:

  • Financial pyramid (HYIP) – the income to the first participants of this pyramid is paid at the expense of the following ones.
  • Tables – the income to participants is paid at the expense of their attraction people (at least two).
  • Betting – the sum of money the player invests in an event (for example, the outcome of matches, currency movements). He gets more money when he wins and loses all the money when he loses the game.

Also I want to pay attention to the fact that there are companies, which are, as I call them, half a HYIP (semi-financial pyramid), in which there can be something real, and something is a pyramid. A striking example of that is Cashbery, which had a real cryptocurrency CashberyCoin (though it was useless, because it was impossible to use it, for example, to pay for purchases in stores).

Remember that HYIPs are unpredictable, which in the end deceive people. They do not bring good in the world. I prefer the real projects. And many do: because if you ask people if they would like to invest in a real company rather than a HYIP, most of them would say, “Yes, of course, I only want to invest in real ones!”


  1. Firstly, do not fall for aggressive advertising of “easy and fast money”, the guaranteed profitability is higher than the bank deposit rate – a reason to think about the advisability of such investments.


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