The energy problem has become so acute in the past few years that people are trying to find the means to solve it. Oil, gas, and minerals are becoming more expensive all over the world. But that’s not even the point. After all, their intensive use is harmful to the environment.

Solar panels, as well as wind and hydroelectric power plants, bioreactors are actually the best choice for each of us. No wonder they are becoming more and more popular every year. These are alternative, renewable, or green energy sources.

What is green energy?

Green energy represents renewable streams. It is considered permanent or cyclical. Its work is based on the connection with the existence of the planet.

Energy sources for solar panels or hydroelectric power plants are considered to be our environment. It is an inexhaustible resource. Using such energy is not only beneficial for you, but also for the planet. You draw it from those processes that constantly occur in the environment, but do not pollute it. Such energy can be used both for domestic and technical purposes.

If we compare alternative resources with mineral deposits, we can see the limitlessness and safety of use. Renewable energy sources are called the sun, wind, water. These are natural reusable materials.

Hydropower is considered to be the cheapest source. We are talking about the energy of a wave, a water flow. The average price for such energy is $0.05 per kilowatt-hour. If we do some simple calculations, we get a piece of interesting information. It will cost about $0.10 per kilowatt-hour to build a new power plant that will work on natural energy. Such a decision pays off in less than a month. It was not without reason that the General Director of IRENA said that a renewable energy source nowadays is the basis for the development of any project or business, since this resource is resistant to fluctuations in currencies and crises. 

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Development of green technologies until 2022

In fact, alternative energy has been used by mankind for several hundred years. We are talking about mills powered by water and wind. Modern scientists have only slightly upgraded these technologies to generate electricity.

Recent discoveries include green hydrogen. It is considered an environmentally friendly fuel. It is used for refueling hydrogen vehicles. 

Likewise, it has already been called the fuel of the future. After all, green hydrogen is absolutely environmentally friendly. If carbon dioxide is formed when burning gasoline or diesel, then we get ordinary steam: water. The same applies to the operation of solar and wind power plants.

According to statistics, in 2035, it is unmanned vehicles with green engines that 25% of the world’s inhabitants will buy. In this case, exhaust gases should be reduced by 80%, accidents by 90.

The most efficient example of renewable energy sources is solar panels and FPV floating photovoltaics. The abbreviation stands for Floating Solar Photovoltaic System. This is any solar panel that floats on water. It is attached to a special structure and released into a controlled water stream.

Among the advantages of such a solution, it is worth mentioning:

  1. High productivity, since the panels are quickly cooled by water masses and can work continuously.
  2. Reduced evaporation. The panel casts a shadow over the body of water in which it is located.
  3. No need for deforestation. Sometimes builders of large solar power plants cut down huge areas because they do not have enough space.
  4. Ecological cleanliness. Renewable electricity is provided in any quantity, depending on the size of the battery, and does not harm the environment.

Briefly speaking about this technology, its main advantage is the reduction of emissions of harmful gases into the environment. Solar, wind, hydroelectric power plants, bioreactors are our future. After all, there is a positive effect on both the environment and human health.

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