Almost anything can be recycled with a bit of ingenuity. Start with glass, paper, metal, and plastic. Set any items made from those materials aside from your regular trash. Other items that can be recycled, although you may have to work a bit harder at it, include electronics and batteries.

What can you recycle?

If you don’t already know where to recycle these items, check out your local government website. Usually, you will find links to various recycling centers and resources. If you find that you will have to drive a distance to recycle, set up an area to keep everything until you have time to make one big trip.

Start recycling food

According to statistics, approximately one-third of all the food we purchase ends up wasted. One way to solve this problem is to set up meal plans and only buy what is actually going to be used before it goes bad. Although this takes some adjusting if you’re not used to it, before long you’ll find that planning your food ahead of time is second nature.

Even with the most careful planning, there will still be some waste. The great thing about most foods, however, is that they can be recycled into compost and used in your garden or landscaping later.

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Donating Items and Goods

One of the best ways to recycle anything that is still usable is to donate it to a charity or a person who can use it. Not only will this keep the item out of the landfill, but it will also make someone happy.


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