There’s one common issue that those who own a touring caravan or motor home are all too familiar with – Finding an efficient way of re-charging batteries when an external power source is unavailable.

There may be a cost effective solution that you haven’t yet considered!

I am sure you are familiar with Solar Pv (probably due to recent news coverage) but you will be surprised at the amount of people who are regular travelers and haven’t yet considered Solar Pv as an option to generate their electricity whilst traveling. It seems that when people hear the term Solar Pv or Solar Panels they immediately think of an expensive and long process, however that is far from accurate…

What to consider?

There are a few considerations that are crucial when contemplating having Solar Panels installed on your caravan.

First off there’s the wiring of your system, as solar panels need to be wired to the battery banks of your caravan it is important that this is carried out by a professional so I would advise that you consult a professional installer about the wiring installation.

Next you need to consider the size of the panel or panels you wish to use and this depends on the type of traveling you do, if you regularly travel to a camp site not to far away and reside there for the duration of your holiday, using their electricity mains then it may be wise to consider one smaller panel. However if you travel for longer periods and to destinations further a field you may want to consider larger panels for your caravan.

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The position and type of panels that you use will depend on the size of your caravan and your personal preference but you should consider consulting a Solar Pv installer regarding the types of Caravan Solar Panels available, but here is an insight into what you can expect…

An insight into the types of Caravan Solar Panels available and pricing

As I have mentioned, Caravan Solar Panels are not as expensive as you may first think and you can actually pick one up for as low $190.00 with cabling, regulator and mounting – This type of panel is ideal for motor homes/ caravans and are straightforward to install.

If you are looking for a slightly larger Solar panel for your caravan then you may want to consider a 20W, 40W or 60W Solar Panel – A full kit complete with wiring, cabling and mount is available at around $285.00 (starting price).

There are a vast range of Caravan Solar Panels available so be sure to look around and find one that best suits your needs.

There it is a cost effective way to re-charge the batteries in motor homes and generate electricity for caravans, not as expensive as you first thought?


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