Todays post is a guest post by David Rice: Presenting his views on Solar Power and its place within the business community. Enjoy.

In recent times, we’ve seen many articles in the newspaper press and reports on radio and television about the advantages of solar power, and how it can save the home-owner a small fortune over the coming years. Needless to say, the benefits to the environment are also regularly mentioned, reflecting the general consensus about the need for all of us to think greener now.

But the benefits to the commercial world don’t get anywhere near as much publicity, which is somewhat surprising when you consider the implications. The effectiveness of solar power has increased dramatically over the last decade, and many architects and developers have been quick to incorporate panels into the design of many prominent new buildings. The natural end result is a far greater choice for business leaders looking for ways to reduce costs whilst retaining their position in a professional and stylish surrounding.

When it comes to office space, London seems to be one of the most prominent places for modern buildings that are designed to incorporate renewable energy, and London certainly seems to be the perfect place to find a consistent growth in buildings developed with renewable energy in mind; particularly Solar Panels.

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Leadenhall Building 6

The commercial world in the UK and beyond is perhaps more competitive now than ever before, and any company that can gain a financial advantage over its rivals will be keen to do so, and to make the most of the resulting benefits.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to discover so many business leaders looking into the potential savings that solar power can bring. And with increasing pressure on the business community to improve its environmental responsibility, harnessing the powers of the sun can represent an excellent initiative on behalf of any company. From retailing to finance and from construction to pharmaceuticals, a greener alternative is already out there just waiting to be implemented.

David Rice is based in the UK and works in an environmentally friendly building on the south coast. He feels the business community is missing a trick by not embracing as many green initiatives as it should.


  1. Green energy is not just another buzzword adopted by conscientious consumers. It is also a strategy that the best companies in the world use to save or even make money.


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