As green weddings become more popular, more and more people are going on green honeymoons as well. These eco-friendly honeymoons come in different varieties, from green tours to volunteer trips. For newlywed couples who are interested in living in an eco-friendly way, a green honeymoon is a perfect way to start out their lives together.

Eco-friendly Green tours

While each company will set up their green tours differently, they usually have a few elements in common.

Donations to environmental causes. Most companies that host green tours donate part of their profits to environmental causes in the areas where they hold the tours. By giving back to the vacation area, these companies help offset the impact of bringing tourists into the area.

Environmentally friendly locations. Many of the hotels or resorts travelers stay in are built in an environmentally friendly, sustainable way.

Environmentally endangered locations. Getting to see first-hand the places in the world that are environmentally threatened gives people a whole new perspective on how important it is to save these places before it’s too late.

Eco-friendly Volunteer trips

Volunteer trips are an interesting way to spend a honeymoon. Newly married couples get to spend time together while helping others. Some trips include a few volunteer days mixed in with other activities, while other trips are entirely about helping others. Whether it’s a chance to volunteer at an orphanage, plant trees, or help build a school, there’s nothing quite like building a new life on a foundation of helping others.

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Green honeymoons are an excellent way for an environmentally friendly couple to celebrate their wedding and begin their new life.


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