Deputy Energy Minister David Turk noted that “it is also important to achieve cost reduction”.

Companies around the world must step up their efforts to facilitate the transition to clean energy. This was announced on Monday by US First Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk, speaking at the 23rd World Petroleum Congress.

“We have a full range of clean technologies, but we need it not only in the energy sector, but also in the transport sector, industry. We need different technologies,” he said. “It is also important to achieve cost reduction. <…> During the transition [to clean energy] we have achieved a reliable supply of [conventional] energy. “

As part of this process, Turk highlighted US engagement with both other countries and the private sector. “No government can be a solution. A wide range of actors is needed to succeed,” added the first deputy head of the department.

“There is no alternative to increasing efforts to counter the threat of climate change,” Turk said. “I think we will not be successful if the mainstream companies do not step up their efforts and are part of the solution,” said a US administration official.

The World Petroleum Congress opened on December 5 in Houston. The forum, which will last until December 9, was attended by the heads of relevant departments of a number of countries and energy companies. Delegations look at energy security, green technologies, post-pandemic recovery and growth of the global economy, and market pricing.

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