According to the publication, the automaker is finalizing plans for at least two projects for the production of electric vehicles.

American automobile corporation General Motors plans to invest more than $ 3 billion in the production of electric cars in Michigan. The Wall Street Journal reported this on Friday.

According to its sources, the automaker is finalizing plans for at least two electric vehicle projects. One of them involves the transformation of an assembly plant in the suburbs of Detroit into a hub for the creation of electric pickups. As noted, such a reconstruction will cost the company at least $ 2 billion.

In addition, General Motors intends to build a battery parts manufacturing plant near its Lansing facility. According to newspaper sources, this project is being implemented jointly with LG Energy Solution.

Currently, representatives of the corporation are coordinating with the local authorities the necessary administrative nuances, including tax issues. At the same time, The Wall Street Journal sources emphasize that the aforementioned plans may still be changed or canceled.

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